Sep 12

Buffalo Trace Releases Antique Collection

It’s no secret I like bourbon.  I tend to rotate through a couple of different distilleries and Buffalo Trace is one of my go-to brands. I was excited to see an article that announced that Buffalo Trace is about to release five whiskey’s that are part of their Antique Collection.  I bet they’re good and will put hair on your chest.  Here’s the list and a link to their website:

Although these look really good, rumor has it they’ll retail at about $70 / bottle, which is a little more than I usually spend.  I’ll probably have to settle for a double the next time I head to the local watering hole.

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May 15

New Belgium Brewing Releases New Beers for Summer

New Belgium Brewing release two new beers for summer! That’s great news. If you know me, then you know that I like most of the New Belgium Brewing beers, (not all of them).

The two new brews are called Paardebloem and Pluot. Both beers should be available as long as supplies last or until the end of July.

Pluot (10% abv) is a sweet ale made from pluot juice (a hybrid of plum and apricot) and New Belgium’s house Belgian ale yeast. Paardebloem (9% abv) is the sixth beer to be launched in collaboration with Salt Lake City’s Red Rock Brewing, mixing ingredients like peach juice and dandelion greens with the house Belgian ale yeast, as well as some wood-aged sour beer and Grains of Paradise

I’m not really big on fruity beers but Paardebloem does sound attractive to me since I’m familiar with Belgian Ale Yeast.  I don’t think I’d buy a six pack of these beers, but would certainly look forward to trying them in in a mixed twelve pack.

I’ll be watching at my local bottle shop to see if these come in.  If you’ve tried it, I’d love to hear your opinions.


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May 14

Hiatus and New Topics

I’ve been away. I’ve been busy, so I fell off the wagon posting stuff.  I’m sorry. I want to start again. And now we’re going to include craft liquor!

In fact, you might say that I’ve been gone and have expanded my horizons.  You might have noticed the new tag line that now says:

News and Reviews for Home Brewing and Craft Beer and Liquor

The “Liquor” part is new.  Even though I haven’t been posting, I’ve tried to stay up to the news around craft beer and home brewing.  And while I’m happy to say that it’s gone mainstream now, (in a good way), I’ve been following news about efforts to legalize home distilling.  What a cool concept!

Yes, there are plenty of hand-made for small batch liquors out there, and more popping up every day.  It’s cool stuff if you ask me, and if the trend follows closely like home-brewing did, we might see even more variety around the craft liquor industry.

I’ll (hopefully) begin to write more about this but just in case you don’t believe me about craft distilling, here’s a snippet of an article about Indian and how they are considering changing the laws around distilling:

Indiana is poised to become the latest state to reform its craft distilling laws. Inspired by the popularity of craft wineries and microbreweries, more small-scale distilleries are starting to open in the Hoosier State.

See you soon!


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Oct 30

Buying Brew Kits Beer, Homebrewing Kits

Brew Kits Beer!

You might wonder why I used the term, “brew kits beer” instead of using something like “homebrew kits” or just “brew kits.”  It turns out, that every year during the holidays, many people who have never been exposed to home brewing, get or give a brew kit or a home brewing kit for the holidays. Not everyone knows what homebrewing kits are, or that they even exist and often just search for terms, “brew kits beer.”

I’ve seen many blog posts about people who have gotten into home brewing because someone got them a brew kit for beer either for Christmas or their birthday.  That first brew kit got them into something that grew into a hobby or maybe a lifestyle, that ultimately lead them to start up a craft brewery.  I’ve been bitten by that same bug, too!

Brewing © by barockschloss

When I got my first brew kit in 1994, I was still in college and had dreams of one day owning a microbrewery.  I must admit, sometimes I still think it would be an awesome idea.

But enough about me. We’re here to talk about brew kits and beer.  Let me break it down for you.  You might be shopping for someone or maybe you are looking for yourself.

Here’s some handy links for you to jump around with:

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Oct 18

Storing Beer: 7 Myths

Storing Beer 101

I’ve heard some of these storing beer myths since before I was old enough to drink beer.  I can think back to my early college days when my friends and I were sitting around, pounding Little King’s Cream Ale, when one of my friends jumps up and screams…

Don’t let the sunlight hit the beer! It will make it taste funny!

And  we all called B.S. on it, and decided to sacrifice one of our cream ales to the Sun God… and it sure seemed like the sun was doing something, but we were all past the point of caring.

Restocking The Fridge © by foilman

As I got older and started to home brew, storing beer became more important.

I came across this great article over at entitled, “Brown Bottles and Tall Tales: 7 Myths About Storing Beer.”  It seems my old college pal was right!

You can read the article on the site listed above, but here’s the myths about storing beer in a nutshell:

  1. If Cold Beer Gets Warm, Cooling It Again Will Make It Stale. [FLASE]
  2. Sunlight Skunks Beer [TRUE]
  3. The Color of the Bottle Affects Beer’s Shelf Life [MAYBE]
  4. Beer Must Be Shipped, Stored, and Aged Cold [FALSE]
  5. Putting Beer in the Freezer Is an Easy Way to “Quick Chill” It [TRUE]
  6. Beer Should Be Stored Upright. [TRUE]
  7. Bottles Are Better Than Cans. [FALSE]
If I had to take a test on storing beer, I would have done alright. But the biggest surprise for me has to be about cans are better than bottles; it’s really a matter of taste:

Wrong! Well, actually, this all comes down to personal taste. Canned beer has gotten a bad rap in recent decades because it’s often associated with mass-market, “cheap” beer. However, craft brewers are beginning to can their beer—212 breweries, according to, including notable names like Sierra Nevada and Brooklyn Brewery.

Some craft brew fanatics even swear by the distinctive flavor of canned brew. The Huffington Post even conducted a blind taste test and found participants preferred the taste of canned beer to bottled three times out of four. But putting taste aside, you can’t deny that canned beer is much easier to store and transport—not to mention, you don’t need a bottle opener.

I do admit, I like taking good beer, in cans, to the pool in the summertime!
Since I do drink a lot of wheat beers, (and being a home brewer), I already knew about storing beer standing up: it lets the yeast settle on the bottom of the bottle!
I’d love to hear if your knowledge around storing beer was up to par.

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Jul 31

Alabama Beer Laws catching up!

Alabama Beer laws are catching up with the neighboring states!  A new law is on the books that will affect craft beer and distribution within the state!

Beer Bottles © by Kasia/flickr

The new law goes into effect tomorrow, (8/1/12) and will allow larger bottles of beer to be sold.  Industry official claim that this will increase the amount of beer sold within the state.

Up to this point, beer bottles were limited to 16 ounces, and by allowing the larger bottles, both craft beers and international beers will coming to the marketplace in droves.   These beers typically come in 22 ounces.

Alabama beer laws might seem goofy.  They were way ahead of the Southern curve when it came to Sunday sales, (long before Georgia), so I find it strange that only now, they’d be allowing beer in bottles over 16 ounces.

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