July 10, 2012

Home Brewing World Record

A home brewing club in Australia is attempting to set a world record for the most people home brewing at one time:

In celebration of beer bellies, Wacol Brewers Choice will try to set a world record next weekend in collaboration with Queensland Beer Week.

More than 100 brewers from Logan, Brisbane and Ipswich will unite in a beer appreciation in a bid to set a world first for the most number of people brewing at once.

Brewers Choice Wacol manager James Stehr, where they will be holding a world record attempt for most home brewers brewing at one time.

You can read the entire article at by clicking on this link.

Brewers are predicted to brew winter style beers, English brown ales, and possibly stouts.

And since there is plenty of Austrailian nomenclature in the article, if you can tell me what a “Coopers in Woollies” is and how it related to home brewing, please let me know!