July 13, 2012

Easy Home Brewing

Easy Home Brewing with CraigTube

Easy Home Brewing? Yes, it’s pretty easy once you get going. I’ve been home brewing since college, (20+ years now) and the big difference between then and now is:

  1. I have more money so I can buy the nicer ingredients and shortcuts that make my brewing life easier.
  2. Dry yeast is a worlds difference than it was back then. Back then, I might as well bought bread yeast from the grocery store and used that to brew, but today, the dry yeast are vastly improved in both quality and variety.
  3. The Internet.  There was no Internet, (technically, there was, but mere mortals did not have easy access to it). So finding out info, getting answers to last minutes questions, etc, just weren’t possible.

So life is much better these days for budding homebrewers.

Here’s a great example.  CraigTube’s Youtube videos can give the viewer a great idea on what to expect.  Check out his video for the S.S.  Minnow Mild Ale:


[Editors Note: I know this doesn’t format great. I’m still working out the kinks!]

Every brewer might do things a little different but his video is a good intro the whole process.

If you have any other videos that illustrate easy home brewing, I’d love to see them.  Feel free to submit them, here.