July 30, 2012

Home Brewing in Illinois? You can’t sell it!

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Home Brewing in Illinois can get you into trouble if you aren’t careful! This Illinois native finds this news disturbing.  In contrast to the report of Wisconsin loosing the reigns on home brew distribution,  Illinois seems to be going the other way.

Home Brew © by tuchodi

Over at the Courier News,  we read about the terrifying news that the State Liquor  Commission is cracking down on home brewers offering their brews at festivals and fund raisers.

A quote from the article sums it up:

Case in point: The St. Charles-based Silverado Homebrew Club had been invited to the Wheaton Ale Fest that runs Aug. 4, and members were looking forward to offering patrons samples of their beers.

But Silverado spokesman Richard Placko said the group recently was told by Ale Fest organizers that they won’t be allowed to set up at the event.

“The city of Wheaton is worried that they could run into legal problems due to legislation that limits the ability of homebrewers to pass out samples of their beers,” Placko said.

Critics of this say that any money raised from selling home brew go directly to charity and not the pockets of the brewers so what’s the harm?  The law does make a distinction between home brew and craft brew.

As the article states, interest in home brewing is increasing so Illinois and Wisconsin are not the only states working on beginning to have to think about these issues.

Could home brewing sales replace bake sales for fundraising?