July 7, 2012

Home Brew Festivals soon to be legal in Wisconsin

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Wow, I guess I never really thought about it.  You know, the legality of home brew festivals.  TIL (this stands for Today I learned for those not familiar with Reddit), the up until now, home brew festivals were illegal in Wisconsin.

Like I said, I never thought about it. Honestly, I don’t know if they’re even legal in Georgia, I’ve just assumed they were.  You can learn something new every day. has the story:

MILWAUKEE — Until recently, home brewing was harshly restricted in Wisconsin, and it wasn’t just hurting beer lovers, but might have cost the state millions.


Competitions like the Home Brew contest could be a cash cow for the Brew City and the state of Wisconsin.

The catch — none of the beer can be brought into the home of brewing in the United States — metro-Milwaukee. Home brew festivals are illegal in the Brew City, and the state of Wisconsin.

“The existing home brewing law says you can only enjoy your beer at home or on your farm,” Milwaukee Beer Baron’s President Jason Heindel said.

Well, now home brewers have something to look forward to.

Actually, now that I think of it, I don’t I’ve ever been to a home brew festival.  I just like sharing my home brew with my friends!