July 9, 2012

Q&A with Dan Gordon of Gordon Biersch

Dan Gordon of Gordon Biersch

One of the things that seems to be a popular topic around beer, (not just home brewing or craft brewing, but also major organizations), is Q&A with various personalities. has a Q&A with Gordon Biersch founder, Dan Gordan.  This guy has a  cool background!

Dan Gordon of Gordon Biersch

Dan Gordon

An exerpt from the article:

After earning a degree in resource economics from UC Berkeley, Gordon moved to West Germany to pursue a five-year brewing engineering degree from the world-renowned Technical University of Munich. During his training, he got hands-on experience interning at Anheuser-Busch and the famous Spaten Brewery in Munich.

That would have been a really cool opportunity for anyone!  You can read the whole Q&A here.