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Hiatus and New Topics

I’ve been away. I’ve been busy, so I fell off the wagon posting stuff.  I’m sorry. I want to start again. And now we’re going to include craft liquor! In fact, you might say that I’ve been gone and have expanded my horizons.  You might have noticed the new tag line that now says: News […]

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Alabama Beer Laws catching up!

Alabama Beer laws are catching up with the neighboring states!  A new law is on the books that will affect craft beer and distribution within the state! The new law goes into effect tomorrow, (8/1/12) and will allow larger bottles of beer to be sold.  Industry official claim that this will increase the amount of beer sold […]

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Starbucks to offer Beer and Wine in Atlanta

Alpharetta Hwy Starbucks

This came across several different news websites, but I’ll quote Atlanta’s WSBTV, (link to article can be found here). Starbucks will be offering beer and wine at some on its Atlanta locations: ROSWELL, Ga. — Several metro Atlanta Starbucks stores will soon feature beer and wine on the menu. Metro Atlanta is part of a […]

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