Buying Brew Kits Beer, Homebrewing Kits

My HomeBrew Kit | The Brew Stand

Brew Kits Beer! You might wonder why I used the term, “brew kits beer” instead of using something like “homebrew kits” or just “brew kits.”  It turns out, that every year during the holidays, many people who have never been exposed to home brewing, get or give a brew kit or a home brewing kit […]

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Storing Beer: 7 Myths

Storing Beer: Cans

Storing Beer 101 I’ve heard some of these storing beer myths since before I was old enough to drink beer.  I can think back to my early college days when my friends and I were sitting around, pounding Little King’s Cream Ale, when one of my friends jumps up and screams… Don’t let the sunlight […]

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Easy Home Brewing

Easy Home Brewing with CraigTube

Easy Home Brewing? Yes, it’s pretty easy once you get going. I’ve been home brewing since college, (20+ years now) and the big difference between then and now is: I have more money so I can buy the nicer ingredients and shortcuts that make my brewing life easier. Dry yeast is a worlds difference than […]

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