July 10, 2012

Sam Adams Funded Start Up Looking for Brewing Space in D.C.

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Sam Adams has funded a start up, called Alchemy & Science.  Their tagline:

Alchemy & Science is a craft beer collaboration, led by Alan Newman and Stacey Steinmetz and funded by The Boston Beer Company. It’s mission is to increase awareness of craft brewed beers by exploring and managing a broad range of opportunities, from creating and/or incubating new breweries to providing legacy solutions to craft beer/brewery founders.

That’s pretty cool, it’s sort of a craft beer incubator!  I found out about it by reading this article about how their having a hard time finding a place to open a brewery in D.C.

The problem seems to be that there is little area zoned industrial where a brewery could open.  Alan Newman has been asking landlords to hold of on collecting rent until the city approves the zoning changes, but a hungry landlord is much more likely to rent to a tenant with cash in hand.

Well, I hope they find a place in D.C. but I’ll be watching what Alchemy & Science ends up doing in the new future.

FWIW, Alan Newman also co-founded Magic Hat.