July 16, 2012

Craft Beer bets on China

Craft Beer in China?

Craft beer is taking the U.S. by storm but check out this article where the Slow Boat Brewery is betting on Chinese Drinkers!

Craft Beer in China?

Chandler Jurinka says his goal is to put unique beers in front of China’s growing population of microbrew lovers. Feng Yongbin / China Daily

This article comes from China Daily and is an interview with Chandler Jurinka who is the co-founder of Slow Boat Brewery in Beijing. Chandler is originally from Colorado and most of the ingredients for the beer will be imported from the U.S.

He learned that in China, consumers certainly have a
taste for beer. The industry is the largest in the world by production
volume and beer is the best-selling alcohol product in China,
according to both US and Chinese agriculture officials.

The US Department of Agriculture reported that exports of US
microbrews to China hit $546,000 in 2010, a record, and overall sales
quintupled in five years from $91,000 in 2005.

The article covers Jurinka’s background how he end ended up over in
China and how much he enjoys socializing with people and drinking good
beer, (hey, I can related, too!).

Slow Boat can be found in bars around Beijing and the partners have
plans to expand beyondthe capital. Jurnicka, meanwhile, savors a
situation in which having a cold one is all in a day’s work,

“My Chinese doctor says, because it’s all natural, it’s actually good
for my skin and my hair. I don’t know if there is any merit in that,
and I would never claim that, but I drink it,” Jurinka says with a