July 7, 2012

Boston Beer to Help with Hop Shortage

Seems to me, like history is repeating itself.  Someone refresh my memory, but I think I remember Boston Beer helping out with a hop shortage years ago.

They’re going to do it agin.


in order to help smaller U.S. brewers cope with an ongoing hop shortage, Boston Beer Co. founder Jim Koch has revived the group’s hop-sharing program. Under the initiative, Boston Beer has pledged to share up to 10,000 pounds each of its surplus Simcoe, Citra and Ahtanum hops, which are used to produce IPAs and other popular, hoppy beer styles. The hops will be sold at cost, priced at $6.50 per pound for the Simcoe and the Citra, and $5.50 per pound for the Ahtanum. Brewers may request a minimum of one box (or 44 pounds) of a single hop variety and a maximum of 10 boxes. If Boston Beer is unable to fulfill all requests, the company will hold a lottery to fulfill the first six boxes of each request. Boston Beer’s inaugural hop sharing initiative, launched in 2008, helped over 100 craft brewers access several tons of hops.

Ah yes, it was in 2008 when they helped the craft brewers.  Very cool! I love those guys!