July 9, 2012

Meet The Brewer Series

Standard picture of hops

The Denver Magazine, has a monthly series called, “Meet the Brewer.”  It’s definitely a Q&A sort of column, and it delivers.   It looks like it’s just launched in July and so far they featured Brian O’connell, who is relatively recent to brewing, (with getting his first home brew kit for Xmas of 2005).

But I like what he says and it appears his taste in beers, mirrors mine.

One of my favorite beers is Terrapin Rye Ale, and Brian tells us about their flagship beer, Ryeteous Rye.

Also, if you saw our earlier post about the start up with the mobile canning truck, Renegade Brewing utilizes a similar operation.  [Editor’s Note: We actually posted it on our Facebook Wall, but the direct link is here]

Read the entire Q&A here, and be sure to check back monthly for more interviews. I don’t know if they’ll just focus on regional brewers but I always like to hear about good beers to drink when I travel.